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Customized COBs

Just like the automotive industry the light industry also capitalises on optimizing production processes as well as the entire chain of subcontractors.

Instead of procuring single components the manufacturers of lights are more interested in purchasing modules ready for assembly and to outsource nonspecific works. By this cost advantages can be realized and process stages during the production of lights can be optimized – for the light manufacturers want to focus on their core business, the production of lights.

For the lights where so-called COBs (Chip-on-Board LEDs composed of an array of LED chips based on a substrate with a homogeneous silicone phosphor mixture) are in use (for example spotlights for shop lighting, accent spotlight or hall lights) we, Beck Kabel- und Gehäusetechnik GmbH, together with our parent company, Beck Elektronik, as supplier of components for light industry go a small however significant step further.

With our extensive expertise in wire harness we along with Beck Elektronik offer COB modules of the company Luminus (USA). These can be installed in wired, pre-assembled COB fixtures of TE and BJB. The wiring will be made upon customer’s request (cables with a cross section of 0.75 sq mm with a length of 60 cm will be installed as standard). Therefore, the COB assembly is reduced by a significant number of tedious production steps all around cables: from selection, disposition, purchase, stock holding all the way to the final assembly. The customer receives a module (COB + wired fixture + thermo pad if necessary) which simply needs to be fixed directly on the heat sink of the light and hooked up to the LED driver. Basically a plug-and-play.

We will be happy to provide you samples as well as further information.

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