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BKG customers are satisfied customers

It is a well-known fact that BKG regularly conducts an internal customer satisfaction analysis in our own interest.

This was once again the case this year after the last analyses in 2007, 2010 and 2015. Why? The opinion of our esteemed customers is most particularly important to us. Markets are constantly changing faster and requirements of customers are becoming constantly versatile. We can only improve if we are aware of them, and this is our declared objective – to improve ourselves for the benefit of our customers.

The return rate for 2017 is 15 % and is therefore equal with the participation in 2015. The overall result is something to be satisfied with. Compared with all previous surveys we have achieved the best score in 2017 and compared with the last survey in 2015 we have seen a good increase in scores. Following results shall be announced in particular:

Product range:

A little over one third of our customers values our wide product range as very good so this score has remained the same as in 2015. 65% consider it as good.


All customers find it very easy or easy to relate our offered items to their request for a quote.

Almost the same number of customers, namely 97%, assess the information content of our offers as very good (69%) respectively good (28%).

A highly important point is also the promptness of our offers. Every fourth customer (23%) is of the opinion that our offers are made extremely swift. 70% of our customers believe that we are swift. Only 7% consider us to be less swift – but complex cable trees sometimes take longer where calculation is concerned. We will nevertheless take this point into account in the future.

Besides promptness competitive prices are an important topic. The number of customers that consider our prices as mostly lower than the competition set has fallen from 12% to 3% compared to 2015. In return the assessment of our prices being somewhat lower has risen from 54% to 75%. Almost one third of our customers consider our prices to be higher than the competition set’s. These scores are quite satisfying as in the age of globalization we are in a worldwide competition. We will of course try our best in the future to convince that remaining third of our customers of our prices.

Being in touch with our customers shall be a pleasure for them!

All customers evaluate us as highly reliable (76.5%) and reliable (23.5%). We particularly would like to emphasize the increase of our assessment as being highly reliable by 32% compared with 2015.

We were also able to keep up with our results of former customer surveys in terms of promptness when making contact. More than half (53%) of our customers regard us as being very quick and 44% as being quick. Only 3% of our customers wish for us to be quicker when making contact (this equals a drop of 13% compared with 2015).

A very impressive result was achieved for the professional expertise of our employees. An incredible 100% find us extremely competent (71%) respectively competent (29%). That surely is a result that not every company can show for itself. This is a result that we are particularly proud of!

Of course, friendly attitude cannot be left out. 85% consider us to be very friendly – another assessment that was improved compared with previous years. 15% find us friendly whereas no one considers our attitude as unfriendly.

Being reachable is imperative for being quick and friendly. 97% of our customers rate us as very good (73.5%) respectively good (23.5%) in terms of being easily reachable. Only 3% are of the opinion that we cannot be reached easily.

You can tell that making contact is extremely important to us as the results will help draw conclusions regarding our service. Only if our customers are 100% satisfied, we have done a good job. And we will continue to work on this in the future!

However, service, promptness and prices are not everything. What is also important is the quality of deliveries as well as meeting delivery deadlines.

More than 90%, around 97% to be exact, are very satisfied or respectively satisfied with our timeliness. It is one of our most important concerns to lastingly raise this value to 100%.

Quality has achieved a similar assessment as in 2015. 97% of our customers are highly satisfied or respectively satisfied with our quality. This is also one of the values where we aim to achieve a result of 100%.

Considering the huge quantities of various products that we distribute on a daily basis, naturally a certain number of complaints cannot be avoided. It goes without saying that we give this special attention to keep the error rate to a minimum. Should we still have received complaints from our customers the survey comes up with the following results: 100% of the complaints were taken care of very promptly or promptly. This is a result to be proud of! Also, the result for solutions in case of a complaint is quite impressive. A satisfactory solution was found for all of our customers.

The remaining important topic is online presence. In times of globalization we need and want to work on this continuously. A clear and competent website is of essential importance. This is where we require our customers’ opinion! Almost 50% consider our content to be sufficient. Barely 3% do not make any use of the internet or of our website’s content. The remaining 47% wish for more helpful information. Compared to 2015’s result we have not made much positive change and accordingly will take our customers’ wishes very seriously with the goal to be more present on the internet in the future.


Overall, we have achieved the best result compared to all other surveys in 2017 and experienced a good improvement compared to the last survey back in 2015. Please refer to the charts attached for detailed results. As in previous years we have received an overwhelmingly positive feedback for BKG in 2017’s customer survey. We would like to thank our customers and those in particular that have made possible such a high return rate by their active participation so that we can consider the results to be representative. It proves once again that thanks to a business structure supported by ISO 9001, hence a qualified management system, the personal dedication of the entire BKG team is well perceived and acknowledged by our customers. We will take attend to the positive criticism. It is our objective to continuously improve and to fulfil our customers’ wishes as the well-being of our esteemed customers is very close to our heart. This shall be both our motivation and obligation in the future!

BKG customers are satisfied customers