Company, BECK Kabel  

Beck Kabel- und Gehäusetechnik GmbH – 775 years / Loitz

How does such an enterprise get to this location far away from all metropolitan cities? A short answer to this: The manor house Rustow, the company group beck and last, but not least Dr Dieter Beck’s affinity to historic buildings.

The following information will briefly explain these last two points (an article about the manor house Rustow’s history is available in a separate post).

1. The company group BECK

In 1925, Gustav Beck started selling electronic components and hence lay the foundation for the company group Beck in Nuremberg. The company group Beck can now look back on 92 years of successful growth. As a family owned business, it is now run by the fourth generation already.

2. Affinity to historic buildings and last, but not least love

One of Dr Dieter Beck’s hobbies is buying and redeveloping historic buildings. Word got around the real estate branch and so in 1998, the expose of the recently abandoned manor house in Rustow landed on his desk. One further aspect – love. In Rustow Dr Beck rediscovered love with Christiane, who he eventually married in 2011.

Beck Kabel- und Gehäusetechnik GmbH (BKG)

BKG was spun off within Beck company group in 1995. In 2003, the wire harness section was relocated to the recently founded branch office in Rustow where a brand new manufacturing building had been built in 2009. In 2014, also the assembly of cases has moved from Emskirchen to Rustow. Since then BKG enjoys both its office in Loitz’s district Rustow with about 50 employees as well as the customer’s trust for the assembly of cables and sales of lithium batteries.

Range of products and services:

  • Wire harness (round cable, wires, flat cable, sensor cable, cable trees and more)
  • Assembly of cases (painting, printing, engraving, pre-assembly, material: aluminium and PVC)
  • Lithium batteries and assembly of batteries
  • Fiber optic cables for telecommunication, medicine, audio technology, etc.
  • Connectors from CviLux (FFC/FPC, RJ45, USB, IDC-connector, Wire to Board, etc.)
  • High power current (fabrication and testing)
  • Pre-assembly (combination of cables and cases)
  • Crimp analysis via polished section (e.g. crimp height measurement)
  • Logistic service (just in time)

Unternehmensphilosophie und soziale Verantwortung

  • Das geschaffene Vertrauen und Verpflichtung, sowohl für die Geschäftsführung als auch für das Team bewährter Mitarbeiter
  • Technische Kompetenz und die ausgewogene Mittlerrolle zwischen Herstellern und Anwendern elektrischer und elektronischer Komponenten
  • Unterstützung der Peene-Werkstätten Demmin, des Kompetenzzentrums für arbeitslose Loitzer und der Freiwilligen Feuerwehr Loitz