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Assembly of Enclosures, Wire Harness and Mounting "Made in Germany"!

Beck Kabel- und Gehaeusetechnik GmbH can not only work on your cases or cable tree assembly but also do the pre- respectively final assembly of your product. The project “Demobox” can reflect this.

Here LEDs were installed in a case to switch them on individually. Its objective was the demonstration of LED’s different lighting characteristics.

The installation of the Demobox was carried out in these steps:

  • Assembly of an aluminium case to which all components could be mounted
  • Preparation of a wire harness
  • Assembly and wiring of the casing

We used COB-LEDs with an OD of 18.5 mm in a suitable holding frame. There were installed in the case in a way where the wires are not visible from the outside. At the same time the casing’s cover serves as heat dissipation for the LEDs. The control gear serves as constant power source and delivers power of 900 mA.

This project was fully assembled at our manufacturing site in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Do you have a project that requires our assistance? Our qualified and dependable employees are at your service.

Enclosure, Wire Harness, Mounting
Enclosure, Wire Harness, Mounting
Enclosure, Wire Harness, Mounting