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Crimp Connection

Every manufacturer of cables will regularly face the question of how to ensure the quality of his crimp connection. Our answer to this is: Pull-out force / crimp height measurement and microsection.

Why do more and more customers also demand the construction of microsection in addition to pull-out force and crimp height measurement? The answer is simple, as with microsection one can also look at...

Pre-assembly / customer specific manufacturing of cables and casing adaptation

Why does BKG offer her customers pre-assembly and what does it mean exactly?

Amongst one of BKG’s core expertises is the customer specific manufacturing of cables and casing adaptation.

Since 2006 more and more pre-assemblies that are basically nothing more than the combination of cables and casings, were requested by our customers.

A service provider that not only produces wiring harnesses...

Micro IDC Connector CviLux

Since the beginning of 2003 the company group Beck cooperates with the Taiwanese manufacturer of connectors, CviLux. As time goes by a steady growth in sales was generated. Furthermore, a trusting and strong partnership has developed.

As a company that has dedicated itself to a healthy growth CviLux is now amongst one of the "big players" in Taiwan. Besides their offered range of standard...