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Four intense fair days are behind BKG and it was the team’s assignment during the internationally important fair “Electronica” to sound out potential new business in sectors wire harness, lithium batteries and cases but also to maintain existing contacts.

Once again we made use of the offer of our affiliated company BECK-Elektronik to co-join them in their exhibition booth for displays, LEDs as...

BKG customers are satisfied customers

It is a well-known fact that BKG regularly conducts an internal customer satisfaction analysis in our own interest.

This was once again the case this year after the last analyses in 2007, 2010 and 2015. Why? The opinion of our esteemed customers is most particularly important to us. Markets are constantly changing faster and requirements of customers are becoming constantly versatile. We can only...

[Translate to English:] LED COB kundenspezifisch

Just like the automotive industry the light industry also capitalises on optimizing production processes as well as the entire chain of subcontractors.

Instead of procuring single components the manufacturers of lights are more interested in purchasing modules ready for assembly and to outsource nonspecific works. By this cost advantages can be realized and process stages during the production of...

How does such an enterprise get to this location far away from all metropolitan cities? A short answer to this: The manor house Rustow, the company group beck and last, but not least Dr Dieter Beck’s affinity to historic buildings.

The following information will briefly explain these last two points (an article about the manor house Rustow’s history is available in a separate post).

CviLux in Nuremberg

Beck Kabel- und Gehaeusetechnik GmbH does not only manufacture wire harness here in Germany but also has several partners in the Far East.

One of these partners is CviLux, a manufacturer of connectors. Since 2003 Beck Kabel- und Gehaeusetechnik GmbH is distributor for CviLux in Germany. We are pleased to say that our partners come visit us on a regular basis to strengthen our business...

Enclosure, Wire Harness, Mounting

Beck Kabel- und Gehaeusetechnik GmbH can not only work on your cases or cable tree assembly but also do the pre- respectively final assembly of your product. The project “Demobox” can reflect this.

Here LEDs were installed in a case to switch them on individually. Its objective was the demonstration of LED’s different lighting characteristics.

The installation of the Demobox was carried out in...

Fibre optic cables

Since the beginning of 2016 Beck Kabel- und Gehaeusetechnik GmbH offers customer specific fibre optics. These are in use for example in telecommunication, medical technology or audio technology.

Its advantages versus the conventional cable assembly are not to be frowned upon. Amongst them are:

  • Low transmission loss
  • High transmission bandwidth
  • Low weight and small size
  • High level of safety
  • ...
Crimp Connection

Every manufacturer of cables will regularly face the question of how to ensure the quality of his crimp connection. Our answer to this is: Pull-out force / crimp height measurement and microsection.

Why do more and more customers also demand the construction of microsection in addition to pull-out force and crimp height measurement? The answer is simple, as with microsection one can also look at...

Pre-assembly / customer specific manufacturing of cables and casing adaptation

Why does BKG offer her customers pre-assembly and what does it mean exactly?

Amongst one of BKG’s core expertises is the customer specific manufacturing of cables and casing adaptation.

Since 2006 more and more pre-assemblies that are basically nothing more than the combination of cables and casings, were requested by our customers.

A service provider that not only produces wiring harnesses...

Micro IDC Connector CviLux

Since the beginning of 2003 the company group Beck cooperates with the Taiwanese manufacturer of connectors, CviLux. As time goes by a steady growth in sales was generated. Furthermore, a trusting and strong partnership has developed.

As a company that has dedicated itself to a healthy growth CviLux is now amongst one of the "big players" in Taiwan. Besides their offered range of standard...