Lithiumbatterien/ BatteriekonfektionLithium batteries

Lithium batteries / Battery assembly

Over the years, BKG has developed into a specialist distributor for lithium batteries, battery packs and rechargeable batteries.

The product spectrum extends not only to normal batteries (primary cells) and to accumulators (secondary cells); it is including customer-specific products according to the customer's requirements. There is a wide range of application area in industry for lithium batteries.

Maybe you need cells with soldering pins, flags or a specific assembly with wires and connector. Furthermore it could be complete battery packs with a lot of cells in series or parallel. Due to countless possibilities, there are no limits.

Due to direct cooperation with various battery manufacturers and large battery turnover, we are able to supply our customers at extremely competitive prices. Extensive warehousing and ingenious logistics enable timely, reliable and just in time delivery.

On request, we can assemble the lithium batteries / accumulators according to individual requirements. Regardless if you need small, medium or large series. We are the right partner for you!

On the following pages, you can find an overview about our product range.

Don't hesitate to contact our sales team. We are looking forward to your requests.

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